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Bellaberry – fun, enjoyable and contemporary designs with great tasting gift milk and dark chocolate.

We love making and sharing our ethically sourced gift chocolate bars which we make locally right here in Australia (in small batches in Melbourne). Making our chocolates in small batches means we get to taste lots of it – we love that part of our work!

What is amazing about our chocolate that you may like to know is that we use a vegetarian milk chocolate recipe (we love this – and hope you appreciate it too).

We only use ethically sourced UTZ certified cocoa from Ghana and Indonesia. UTZ certified its important! Why? UTZ works hard creating better farming for a better future, by ensuring better working conditions for farmers and better care for their children. It’s all about suppliers and farmers working together taking better care of our planet and your support means your part of the team creating a better future – Thank You for supporting and making the world a better place . For more info check out the great work being done by UTZ by clicking here: www.utz.org.

We proudly use Queensland grown natural cane sugar (we think all that sun grows the best sugar cane in the world) and with some in our team being Kiwi’s they love adding the New Zealand milk (you can almost taste the spring air from the foothills of Canterbury plains!).

Our recipe also only has products that are sourced locally as much as possible and from sources to ensure they are gluten free (GF) and genetically mediated organism (GMO) free.

Our boxes are locally made in Australia; they are locally printed in Melbourne with vegetable based inks on 100% recyclable Packaging. We only use card that is endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC is the world’s leading forest certification organisation check them out at www.pefc.org ) and that is food contact approved.

We lovingly wrap all our bars in both an aluminium foil to lock in the freshness and a protective food-grade kraft paper to ensure it reaches you in the best condition so you can enjoy great tasting bite after bite with your friends -after all we should all share our love of chocolates (well most of the time!)

A handy hit! To recycle the aluminium foil separate the foil from the paper packaging and place inside a used aluminium can. To Recycle the paper and cardboard flatten and recycle with paper.

To look after your chocolate keep it away from direct sunlight, best store in a cool dark place. It’s best kept between 16 to 22 degrees – at this temperature Chocolate keeps well – so stock up now!

What might be less amazing: Our recipe uses a tiny amount of Soy Lecithin, so it’s is not actually soy free. Also, we share our manufacturing facility so there may be trace amounts of tree nuts, peanuts and gluten. While this is not likely but not impossible. If you are actually medically allergic sadly you should not consume. We really hope you love our gift chocolate bars as much as we enjoy designing our fun covers and making our great tasing chocolate!.

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